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inactiveTopic Posting to front page (Pliant!)
started 4/23/2001; 11:31:57 PM - last post 4/23/2001; 11:31:57 PM
andrew cooke - Posting to front page (Pliant!)  blueArrow
4/23/2001; 11:31:57 PM (reads: 245, responses: 0)

Looking at the list of Pliant messages I suspect pixel has been seeing the same problems I sometimes see during posting. Here's some advice based on my own experience (might be relevant to others too):

If you are submitting/editing a news item and, after some step in the submissions procedure, you get an HTTP error (connection refused or timed out) don't back step in the browser and try again. Instead, go to the main page, follow the News link (Editors only bar) and you'll find your post, with the change made(!). Continue from there.

Also, none of the posts were actually sent to the front page. I guess this is the same problem again. If you go to the News link you'll see the various posts. Select the appropriate one and you'll see that there is a further step "Submit to front page" or similar. Click on this button and it will appear on the front page.

I have no idea why the submission process is so flaky, but the problems seem to occur after the server has received the data (but just before it generates the response). So whatever action you had just performed has generally (I use a separate window so that I can back-step in the original if it really has lost my changes) been committed and replaying will give duplicate entries...