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Chris Rathman - 1st European Lisp and Scheme Workshop  blueArrow
4/8/2004; 8:47:36 PM (reads: 11545, responses: 0)
1st European Lisp and Scheme Workshop
(via Bill Clementson's Blog)

This one-day workshop will address the question what role Lisp-based languages can play in the near future to further the state of art in those and related areas. We want to solicit papers that discuss the opportunities Lisp provides to capture and enhance the possibilities in software engineering. Instead of using Lisp for Artificial Intelligence, as has successfully been done in the past, we rather want to explore the usefulness of Lisp with regard to software technology.

Check out the Papers that have been submitted thus far. (Note: Clicking on the PDF links doesn't work on my browser - but if I save them off locally, they open fine).

So why don't I ever get to go to fun conferences like this. (Perhaps it's because I'm the only software person in our three person entreprenoirship). :-)
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