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started 4/10/2004; 1:13:34 PM - last post 4/10/2004; 1:13:34 PM
Neel Krishnaswami - KANREN -- logic programming in Scheme  blueArrow
4/10/2004; 1:13:34 PM (reads: 163, responses: 0)
KANREN is a declarative logic programming system with first-class relations, embedded in a pure functional subset of Scheme. The system has a set-theoretical semantics, true unions, fair scheduling, first-class relations, lexically-scoped logical variables, depth-first and iterative deepening strategies. The system achieves high performance and expressivity without cuts.

kanren sourceforge site

I haven't looked very closely at this yet, but the fact that Oleg and Daniel Friedman are involved strongly suggests that I should.