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Mark Evans - OpenStack Collaborative Computing  blueArrow
4/12/2004; 4:36:15 PM (reads: 11437, responses: 0)
OpenStack Collaborative Computing

The project charter is [to] first identify and describe the open source cross community components needed to create an alternative to Microsoft's XP Stack model for collaborative computing. The second phase is to enlist liaisons to each of the cross platform communities involved, and coordinate the creation of an easy to implement collaborative solution.

We believe that open source communities are currently providing everything the [Windows] user base needs for next generation collaborative computing, without having to undergo the costly migration [i.e. upgrade] to the XP Stack. Open Stack will also be a bridge enabling [graceful migration] to open source friendly platforms such as Linux, Solaris and OS X.

There is a big picture and lots about XML.

Posted to Software-Eng by Mark Evans on 4/12/04; 4:36:53 PM