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inactiveTopic Apocalypse 12: Perl 6 OO
started 4/17/2004; 11:19:32 AM - last post 4/17/2004; 11:19:32 AM
Ehud Lamm - Apocalypse 12: Perl 6 OO  blueArrow
4/17/2004; 11:19:32 AM (reads: 8646, responses: 0)
Apocalypse 12: Perl 6 OO
As usual, Keith is the first to alert us of a new Apocalypse from Larry Wall.

The design Larry explains in this document is rather interesting, having at its core a somewhat Meta Programming based approach.

I am not sure I'd want to program in such a language, but from a language hacking point of view the language features discussed look quite exciting...

Posted to OOP by Ehud Lamm on 4/17/04; 11:22:37 AM