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inactiveTopic Comega (C Omega) Language
started 4/19/2004; 5:00:03 AM - last post 4/19/2004; 7:16:24 PM
David B. Wildgoose - Comega (C Omega) Language  blueArrow
4/19/2004; 5:00:03 AM (reads: 221, responses: 5)
The Comega Programming Language is an extension of C# adding facilities for asynchronous wide area concurrency and a data type extension for XML and table manipulation.

There is a related talk "Transitions in Programming Models" by Luca Cardelli which is worth looking at as well.

(I'm hoping the latter link works, it's on the bottom of the first page if there are problems).

Ehud Lamm - Re: Comega (C Omega) Language  blueArrow
4/19/2004; 5:20:35 AM (reads: 210, responses: 0)
Is this thing downloadable? I am getting a bit tired with all these C# variants I keep hearing about...

Erik promised to tell us more, but it seems Erik is as much a myth as Cw, Xen etc...

David B. Wildgoose - Re: Comega (C Omega) Language  blueArrow
4/19/2004; 6:47:20 AM (reads: 207, responses: 2)
Apparently it will be available as a download from Microsoft's web site next month, so it's just wait and see...

Ehud Lamm - Re: Comega (C Omega) Language  blueArrow
4/19/2004; 7:06:02 AM (reads: 207, responses: 1)
I can think of so many witty and/or snide remarks about this, that I am dumbfounded. Others are free to give it their best shot...

Ehud Lamm - Re: Comega (C Omega) Language  blueArrow
4/19/2004; 7:23:03 AM (reads: 214, responses: 0)
Don't get me wrong. These are interesting projects. It's just that I am a little tired of language with names that begin with C and end up solely as web pages...

Mark Evans - Re: Comega (C Omega) Language  blueArrow
4/19/2004; 7:16:24 PM (reads: 138, responses: 0)
All part of the strategy, Ehud.