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Danny Ayers - RDFEngine  blueArrow
4/21/2004; 1:39:41 AM (reads: 8789, responses: 1)
RDFEngine, a reasoning engine for the Semantic Web, was developed as a part of the master's thesis (pdf) of Guido Naudts. It's written in Python. Based on Jos De Roo's Euler proof engine (Java/C#), it appears to cover most of the functionality of Tim Berners-Lee and co's cwm inference/query engine. It uses a variety of formats to represent RDF + logic - Notation 3 (like cwm), as well as a verbose triple-oriented XML format and the novel "SIF", Short Inferencing Format.

(via Andrew Newman)
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Sander - Re: RDFEngine  blueArrow
4/21/2004; 11:59:46 PM (reads: 95, responses: 0)
I guess the link to the master's thesis should be: Interesting stuff though.