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inactiveTopic Linj - creates Java code from CL derivative
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Mitchell N Charity - Linj - creates Java code from CL derivative  blueArrow
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Linj is a new language in the Lisp tradition and was invented to allow Lisp programmers to quickly develop and extend Java programs without writing a single line of Java.

The Linj compiler translates Linj programs into human-readable Java programs, serving two different purposes: (1) it allows a very smooth integration with the Java libraries, and (2) it allows the generated code to be read, used and modified by Java programmers. is a Lisp-like language that is translated into human-readable Java code. Contrary to Java, Linj provides several of the characteristics that make Lisp languages so productive such as extensible syntax, type inference, automatic coercions, etc.

Linj purports to be very similar to Common Lisp.

Tutorial and Manual(pdf).

Implemented in/on Common Lisp (CMUCL/Allegro). Non-interative and typed (some type inference). CL/CLOS-like, but tailored to more closely match Java semantics. Free for non-commercial use.

Example of using translation to bridge language strengths/tools/communities. Thanks to for the link.