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inactiveTopic 2004 ICFP Programming Contest Announced
started 4/27/2004; 11:42:06 AM - last post 4/27/2004; 11:42:06 AM
nate foster - 2004 ICFP Programming Contest Announced  blueArrow
4/27/2004; 11:42:06 AM (reads: 94, responses: 0)
Plans for the 2004 ICFP Programming Contest are underway.

Many aspects of this year's contest will very similar to previous years. But the task, which will be released at 12 noon EDT on 4 June, is novel and we are very excited to see the submissions that teams will produce. As always, we will accept submissions written using any programming language, and will have a range of cash prizes for the winners, along with unlimited bragging rights.

For more details, check out the contest web page and sign up for the mailing list.