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inactiveTopic New version of Self released
started 4/28/2004; 8:13:22 PM - last post 4/28/2004; 8:13:22 PM
Kragen Sitaker - New version of Self released  blueArrow
4/28/2004; 8:13:22 PM (reads: 181, responses: 0)
Self has dramatically influenced many aspects of modern programming --- from popularizing prototype-based object systems, to demonstrating the degree to which language dynamism need not cost run-time performance (it inspired modern JIT JVMs, although of course that line goes back to Smalltalk), to teaching us new ways of thinking about graphical user interfaces.

Now there's a new version of Self released, as of a couple of weeks ago, at --- and it's under a revised-BSD-style open-source license.