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inactiveTopic Pike 7.6 Released
started 5/5/2004; 3:43:13 PM - last post 5/6/2004; 8:02:01 AM
Dominic Fox - Pike 7.6 Released  blueArrow
5/5/2004; 3:43:13 PM (reads: 186, responses: 2)

(via Slashdot).

Pike is a Swedish programming language, described on the website as "the first scripting language for the Semantic Web". It includes built-in support for RDF and OWL; it's not clear at first glance how this differs from library support for RDF and OWL in any of the languages (Javascript, Java, C#, Python...) Pike resembles, as there appear to be no special constructs involved.

Frank Atanassow - Re: Pike 7.6 Released  blueArrow
5/6/2004; 7:37:15 AM (reads: 143, responses: 0)
What does `built-in support for RDF and OWL' entail? (I only know the basics of RDF and zilch about OWL.)

Dominic Fox - Re: Pike 7.6 Released  blueArrow
5/6/2004; 8:02:01 AM (reads: 146, responses: 0)

As far as I can tell, it means some bundled libraries for doing things with RDF and OWL. The website gives this example:

This sample program reads an OWL file, parses the dataset contained in it, and then lists the data classes in that dataset:
    int main(int argc, array argv)
      object owlset = Web.OWL();
      string input = Stdio.read_file(argv[1]);


foreach(owlset->find_statements(0, owlset->rdf_type, owlset->owl_Class); array statement) write("- %O\n", statement[0]);

return 0; }

Nothing very exotic there, I'd say.