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started 5/7/2004; 8:05:51 AM - last post 5/8/2004; 1:37:36 AM
andrew cooke - Spreadsheet structure discovery  blueArrow
5/7/2004; 8:05:51 AM (reads: 6414, responses: 2)
Spreadsheet structure discovery
"structure discovery" denotes the recovery of structure, such as the grouping of cells, that was intended by a spreadsheet's author but is not explicit in the spreadsheet.

A curious paper - includes a brief into to Prolog - that suggests a possible future direction for spreadsheet-like languages with "intelligent" monitors.
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Patrick Logan - Re: Spreadsheet structure discovery  blueArrow
5/7/2004; 10:22:08 AM (reads: 264, responses: 0)
Also curious is that Lotus Improv was a spreadsheet application with far better structuring mechanisms as a central operating metaphor.

I suspect very little structure discovery would be necessary. The structural mechanisms themselves reportedly reduced significantly the effort to create a spreadsheet in the first place.

Andris Birkmanis - Re: Spreadsheet structure discovery  blueArrow
5/8/2004; 1:37:36 AM (reads: 180, responses: 0)
Finally, many branches of mathematics like to consider functions as "arrows". Amongst other things, this gives us, via "commutative diagrams", a handy graphical way to depict them, and enables some proofs to be done largely by drawing. We found this very useful, and think likewise of our functions as arrows.

All this without saying the C-word.