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inactiveTopic P# - Prolog compiler for .Net
started 5/9/2004; 9:25:49 PM - last post 5/10/2004; 8:05:14 AM
Chris Rathman - P# - Prolog compiler for .Net  blueArrow
5/9/2004; 9:25:49 PM (reads: 7684, responses: 2)
P# - Prolog compiler for .Net
Yet another PL targetting the .Net platform:

P# is a compiler which facilitates interoperation between a concurrent superset of the Prolog programming language and C#. This enables Prolog to be used as a native implementation language for Microsoft's .NET platform. P# compiles a linear logic extension of Prolog to C# source code.

How's the port of Mercury to .Net coming along?
Posted to logic/declarative by Chris Rathman on 5/9/04; 9:27:49 PM

Dominic Fox - Re: P# - Prolog compiler for .Net  blueArrow
5/10/2004; 2:00:11 AM (reads: 221, responses: 0)

Note that P# also runs and compiles under Mono, which is handy.

I had a hard time getting Mercury to run on Windows - if memory serves, it only ran under Cygwin anyway, and I tend to just give up and boot into Linux instead when that happens - so a .Net implementation would certainly be very welcome.

While I'm dreaming - Oz (thence Mozart/Alice) on .Net? I gather it's been mooted for some time.

Henry Robinson - Re: P# - Prolog compiler for .Net  blueArrow
5/10/2004; 8:05:14 AM (reads: 187, responses: 0)
I brought up a Prolog interpreter in C# in 2002 as part of a Microsoft studentship programme I was on. It was a fun project - object instantiation and method invocation acted like cuts because there was no nice way to guarantee back-tracking would work except for exposition of metadata on the instantiated object. I had a little webserver serving static pages in only a few lines, which I used to demo to prospective undergraduates at university.

On that note, don't demo Prolog to sixth formers. Unless they are really precocious, they won't see the point and will be bored to tears.