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inactiveTopic The GNU 64-bit PL8 compiler
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Ehud Lamm - The GNU 64-bit PL8 compiler  blueArrow
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The GNU 64-bit PL8 compiler
The GNU 64-bit PL8 compiler: Toward an open standard environment for firmware development. W. Gellerich, T. Hendel, R. Land, H. Lehmann, M. Mueller, P. H. Oden, and H. Penner. IBM Journal of R & D. Vol. 48 No. 3/4. 2004.

PL8 is used in zSeries (S/370, S/390) firmware development. Since new machines are 64bit addressable, the 32bit PL8 compiler had to be rewritten.

This paper provides a rather rare oppurtuinity to look inside the beast. I am sure BAL programmers (ASM/370) curious about microcode are going to find this paper interesting. I am pretty sure others are also going to find the implementation details of the new (GNU based) compiler interesting.

Useful, but extreme, persepctive on high-level languages and how they relate to programing for the bare metal.

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