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inactiveTopic Usefullness of Assertions in C
started 5/1/2001; 9:12:19 PM - last post 5/2/2001; 2:01:49 PM
Chris Rathman - Usefullness of Assertions in C  blueArrow
5/1/2001; 9:12:19 PM (reads: 399, responses: 1)
Usefullness of Assertions in C
Since the assertion mechanism and Design-by-Contract are related concepts of self diagnosing software, I thought the above article might be of interest. It discusses some of the usefullness of assertions and how to exploit their power.

A follow on article this month discusses constructing a more powerful assertion macro to provide greater details.
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andrew cooke - Re: Usefullness of Assertions in C  blueArrow
5/2/2001; 2:01:49 PM (reads: 448, responses: 0)
Vaguely related note: we've just started using unit tests at work. They are brilliant - I am *much* happier about my code (and I thought I was happy about it before! ;-)