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Chris Rathman - Lua Shines  blueArrow
5/22/2004; 3:13:26 PM (reads: 6911, responses: 1)
Lua Shines
Some accolades for the language and the book Programming in Lua.

Complementing the delights of PIL are the progress of version 5.0, which it documents. 5.0 includes co-routines, tail calls, booleans, "weak tables", improvements in exception handling, lexical scoping, and metatables.
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Isaac Gouy - Re: Lua Shines  blueArrow
5/23/2004; 2:50:45 PM (reads: 275, responses: 0)
Roberto Ierusalimschy has received funding under a second Rotor RFP award "Improving Rotor for Dynamically Typed Languages"