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started 5/25/2004; 3:13:03 AM - last post 5/27/2004; 7:16:40 PM
Ehud Lamm - Holiday  blueArrow
5/25/2004; 3:13:03 AM (reads: 10339, responses: 4)
I am on holiday until Sunday, and will be checking email and LtU less often than usual until then.

Rest assured that I am working on finding a solution to our hosting situation. I am well aware that the site is slow and often down, and am looking for a new home for LtU. In the mean time I can only ask you to be patient.

Let me use this opportunity to thank all the members who offered help with this problem. This help is very much appreciated.

P.S. We've temporarily added a counter to the page template to help us measure the bandwidth we need.
Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 5/25/04; 3:21:42 AM

Jacob Matthews - Re: Holiday  blueArrow
5/26/2004; 6:12:48 AM (reads: 159, responses: 0)
Rather than a counter, you might want to check out the free service provides (; you put a little javascript on your page that generates a blank image, and the reinvigorate software essentially gives you a server log for requests to that image. You get hits, unique, times, platforms, browsers, screen resolutions, referrers, and so on. About the only thing you don't get that you might want to know is how much data you shipped for each hit, but given the mechanism they're using it's hard to see how they could find that out.

(I'm not associated with that site at all, just a user of their stuff.)

Chris Rathman - Re: Holiday  blueArrow
5/27/2004; 4:39:19 PM (reads: 112, responses: 1)
Be offline for a bit myself. Meanwhile, I updated my LtU indexes for those who want to look up older threads:
LtU Archives - Sorted by Date

LtU Archives - Sorted by Title

For those who find the site unresponsive, I've also loaded and stripped a local copy of all the threads on my website:
Local Access - LtU Archives - Sorted by Date

Local Access - LtU Archives - Sorted by Title

And for those gluttons that just want really quick access, you can download the entire archive that I have via a zip file (grep is your friend).
Download Archive in zip file

Chris Rathman - Re: Holiday  blueArrow
5/27/2004; 7:16:40 PM (reads: 102, responses: 0)
Don't know that it particularly interests anyone, but here's the Python script that processes the downloaded html and strips out some of the excesses. Mostly just a set of regular expression processing. Open to suggestions for improvement.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Holiday  blueArrow
5/27/2004; 10:59:51 PM (reads: 99, responses: 0)
I find the RSS feeds (home page AND discussion group) valuable when the site if offline, since aggregators will get the RSS feeds when the site is accessbile, and let me read them later, when the site perhaps isn't.

A good online aggregator is bloglines.

LtU home page RSS:

LtU Discussion Group messages RSS feed: