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andrew cooke - Lisp History  blueArrow
5/4/2001; 1:01:38 AM (reads: 511, responses: 2)
Lisp History
Continuing the pillage of Paul Graham's site, these links describe the history of Lisp. In particular there are 80 pages [pdf] of dense info on the evolution of Lisp. Should be required reading for anyone who thinks no prior knowledge of languages is necessary when thinking up a new language (a bizarre idea on c.l.misc a while back).

Incidentally, the photo on on his front page is an artefact of cameras using a vertically moving "blind" (slit) shutter just in front of the focal plane - the photographer was tracking the car movement, which is why the people slope, but not enough, which is why the wheels slope.

I thought we had a history category, but can't find it!
Posted to general by andrew cooke on 5/4/01; 1:06:02 AM

Ehud Lamm - Re: Lisp History  blueArrow
5/4/2001; 3:34:39 AM (reads: 523, responses: 0)
I thought we had a history category, but can't find it!

Guess we should. I'll think about it some more, and decide whether to add an history department. Contrary views?

Ehud Lamm - Re: Lisp History  blueArrow
5/4/2001; 1:04:02 PM (reads: 510, responses: 0)
Andrew, re our discussion about Graham's paper, notice that the end of section 3.3 on macros in the evolution of Lisp paper, explains why Lispers are so fond of their macro.