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inactiveTopic New vector language: Glee
started 5/31/2004; 6:58:45 AM - last post 6/8/2004; 6:25:38 AM
Ehud Lamm - New vector language: Glee  blueArrow
5/31/2004; 6:58:45 AM (reads: 12956, responses: 2)
New vector language: Glee
Bryan writes in the discussion group:

There never seem to be a lot of discussion about Vector languages here, so I figured I'd point at a new one under development: Glee(warning: awful frame-based navigation on site), found on the Jsoftware forum (not linkable, requires authorisation to view archives!)

Vector languages (or array processing languages) are fun. I really don't know why they never seem to get much attention.

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 5/31/04; 6:59:53 AM

Ken Meltsner - Re: New vector language: Glee  blueArrow
6/1/2004; 7:32:40 AM (reads: 259, responses: 0)
Why bother with special purpose languages? I wrote a Lisp macro that implemented Einstein tensor notation (repeated subscripted indexes meant implied summation, etc. )

James Hague - Re: New vector language: Glee  blueArrow
6/8/2004; 6:25:38 AM (reads: 63, responses: 0)
Ken, you're missing the point. Apl/J/K/Glee are general purpose languages. It's just a different style of programming. They're not meant to simply be languages for doing vector math.