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Daniel Yokomizo - Roles of Variables  blueArrow
6/14/2004; 1:46:54 PM (reads: 55, responses: 1)
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Roles of variables are a new concept that can be utilized in teaching programming to novices. Roles represent programming knowledge on a higher level than simple programming language knowledge. Role knowledge has traditionally been tacit but it can be made explicit and thus help students to understand the ways variables are used in programs. Roles can also be used in analyzing large-scale programs making roles a useful concept for experts, too.

I don't think we discussed it before.

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Daniel Yokomizo - Re: Roles of Variables  blueArrow
6/14/2004; 1:52:16 PM (reads: 54, responses: 0)
It appears to be strongly related to the art of reading programs, if we can assess the roles of variables in a function we get closer to understand how it works.

IMHO it would make a nice tool to use when reading programs: let it assign different fonts or colors to variables of different roles, from what it can infer in the program.