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started 6/15/2004; 10:54:16 AM - last post 6/15/2004; 11:51:30 AM
andrew cooke - Future of Lambda?  blueArrow
6/15/2004; 10:54:16 AM (reads: 851, responses: 2)
Given the recent news and (presumably) the possibility that lambda will disappear any moment, can someone explain what's happening behind the scenes, where people should go if this site vanishes, and why it is still here?

I know that Anton van Straaten is working on a wordpress-based replacement site (hurray!) and has the database; Chris Rathman also has copies of the HTML pages, so we probably haven't lost any/much data.

I haven't posted this to the front page because I'm hoping a front page announcement will be made by someone who knows more than me! But I wanted to reassure people that something is happening...

Ehud Lamm - Re: Future of Lambda?  blueArrow
6/15/2004; 11:20:16 AM (reads: 784, responses: 1)
We are working on a new site, which Anton was kind enough to agree to host. We are playing with the set up but hopefully we will be ready in a few days or a week or so. We will try to import the archives, of course, but we'll have to see how this will turn out. More details once I know more.

Regarding the elimination of sites: I am not sure this is going to happen to all sites. I think this is only going to happen to some, and LtU isn't one of them. I have another site which now shows the message about deactivation. This didn't happen here (yet?). I asked Dave Winer to export LtU, and I hope to have this backup before anything happens.

Chris can report on the backup he has. Hopefuly we can get a more up to date backup, but it depends on the responsiveness of the site.

Anyway, stay tuned. We will announce exactly what's going to happen when it is finalized. All editors will, naturally, be invited to remain editors on the new sites. Other memebers will most likely have to register again, but this is a trivial procedure that takes a couple of seconds (I'll see about importing the user list).

I think this site will continue to work until we make the transition, so the announcement will be posted here in the next week or so. If the site vanishes (not the usual response problems), and you don't know where we are, feel free to email me (mslamm <@> huji DOT ac DOT il) with the title WHERE IS LTU?

Use that exact title, since I'll set up an auto responder (we have over a 1000 members)...

andrew cooke - Re: Future of Lambda?  blueArrow
6/15/2004; 11:51:30 AM (reads: 748, responses: 0)
thanks! (to anton, ehud and chris)