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activeTopic EuroHaskell 2004
started 6/19/2004; 8:13:13 AM - last post 6/19/2004; 6:49:05 PM
Shae Erisson - EuroHaskell 2004  blueArrow
6/19/2004; 8:13:13 AM (reads: 35, responses: 1)
EuroHaskell 2004 happened directly after EuroPython, about 100m away.

EuroHaskell has been described as "an academic lan-party." It was lots of fun, you can see photos here:

Extemporaneous talks were given by Shae Erisson, Jeremy Bobbio, and John Hughes. Code was written, pizza was ordered, most attendees claimed to enjoy themselves.

Tune in Next Year for more excitement!

Luke Gorrie - Re: EuroHaskell 2004  blueArrow
6/19/2004; 6:49:05 PM (reads: 15, responses: 0)
I hereby challenge you to a unicycle race next year. :-)