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Ehud Lamm - Janos VM is available  blueArrow
5/9/2001; 7:53:52 AM (reads: 1615, responses: 0)
Janos VM is available
The Janos project's objective is to develop a principled local operating system for active network nodes, oriented to executing untrusted Java bytecode. The primary focus is resource management and control, with secondary objectives of information security, performance, and technology transfer of broadly and separately useful software components.

The Janos VM is special because unlike any available virtual machine it supports multiple, separate processes (called "teams" in JanosVM) within a single VM. The JanosVM supports per-team separate heaps, per-team garbage collection threads, inter-team thread migration, and safe cross-team reference objects. Designed to support asynchronous termination of uncooperative or malicious Java bytecode applications, the JanosVM provides robust and scalable multi-process support within a single virtual machine.

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