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5/18/2001; 12:41:13 AM (reads: 1689, responses: 1)
C Books
The MIT discussion (see yesterday's item) included Guy Steele. One of his books is the excellent C, A Reference Manual (which I'd recommend above K&R).

Since C doesn't get much of a mention here, I thought I'd also take the chance to recommend Expert C Programming by van der Linden.

Personally, I enjoy writing in C - it's a refreshing change to keep things "simple". The merits of high and low level languages are being discussed in a leisurely manner here.
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5/18/2001; 12:45:52 AM (reads: 899, responses: 0)
I didn't want to self link on the front page (although the HTP link is getting there), but I wrote a review of these two books many moons ago.