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inactiveTopic Comprehending Monads
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andrew cooke - Comprehending Monads  blueArrow
5/20/2001; 10:03:08 AM (reads: 1680, responses: 0)
Comprehending Monads
Haskell uses Monads to (amongst other things) fit imperative IO into a functional framework. It's an interesting approach, but one that has a reputation for being difficult to fully understand (there's an argument that you don't need to understand monads to use Haskell, but I think it probably helps).

When someone asked for help with monads on the Haskell mailing list, this paper was mentioned several times. I'm still working my way thorugh it, but it's already cleared up some misunderstandings I had.
Posted to theory by andrew cooke on 5/20/01; 10:05:21 AM