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started 5/22/2001; 12:13:11 AM - last post 5/22/2001; 2:43:29 PM
andrew cooke - Hat - The Haskell Tracer  blueArrow
5/22/2001; 12:13:11 AM (reads: 532, responses: 3)
Hat - The Haskell Tracer
Hat is a source-level tracer for Haskell. It is a tool that gives the user access to otherwise invisible information about a computation.

That page includes links to papers and other approaches (scroll down) (nhc is a Haskell compiler - it hasn't been getting as much coverage as ghc or Hugs recently; I guess they've been busy!)
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andrew cooke - Re: Hat - The Haskell Tracer  blueArrow
5/22/2001; 12:17:01 AM (reads: 538, responses: 1)
I'm sorry that my posts here are mainly concerned with FP and Haskell - I'm busy with some other projects and simply don't have the time to look for links on subjects I wouldn't otherwise see!

If anyone has interesting links, please post (or, if you're shy, drop someone here an email - I'm at and I think Ehud (head honcho) must be back soon (his email address is in the FAQ, iirc)).

(I also wanted to say thanks to Chris for his links here, but couldn't think of a way that didn't sound condescending - especially as I think he's been round here for longer than me...!)

Ehud Lamm - Re: Hat - The Haskell Tracer  blueArrow
5/22/2001; 2:35:06 AM (reads: 596, responses: 0)
I am back home now. I'll be back to posting soon, I hope. Just too much work to do, and not enough time.

As too cross-thanking each other: I hope we established some sort of community here. I enjoy the posts of all editors, and I hope they enjoy some of mine. I also appreciate contributions via the discussion group. Chris and Andrew deserve special thanks from all of us, since they really help keep the flow running.

Chris Rathman - Re: Hat - The Haskell Tracer  blueArrow
5/22/2001; 2:43:29 PM (reads: 547, responses: 0)
Well, officially I was on vacation all last week, so my posting was rather sporadic. I did try to get TOM up and running one more time, but it turned out to be more work than I could handle in my off time. :-)