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inactiveTopic The Evolution of Lisp
started 5/22/2001; 5:37:11 AM - last post 5/22/2001; 8:04:34 AM
Biep - The Evolution of Lisp  blueArrow
5/22/2001; 5:37:11 AM (reads: 459, responses: 2)
The Evolution of Lisp
A good overview paper, with a very interesting set of slides (genealogical diagrams) to go with it.
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Biep - Re: The Evolution of Lisp  blueArrow
5/22/2001; 5:49:01 AM (reads: 450, responses: 0)
The paper has been posted before, but I don't know that the slides have. And I think the quality of the text is better in my link.

andrew cooke - Re: The Evolution of Lisp  blueArrow
5/22/2001; 8:04:34 AM (reads: 471, responses: 0)
If anyone is confused, it helps to look at the later (well, middle) slides first! There should be some kind of 3D fly-though.. ;-)