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andrew cooke - Python Cookbook  blueArrow
5/23/2001; 8:44:38 AM (reads: 2334, responses: 5)
Python Cookbook
I like this idea - a repository of code snippets. Maybe I'm too straight-laced, but I prefer this to Wikis (see links at the bottom of lambda's pages). Does anything similar exist for other languages?

(Incidentally, the similar - although flatfile - Python Snippets seems to have disappeared).
Posted to Python by andrew cooke on 5/23/01; 8:45:00 AM

Cameron Laird - Re: Python Cookbook  blueArrow
5/24/2001; 1:20:55 PM (reads: 878, responses: 1)
I'm glad you wrote that, Andrew--the part about preferring the Cookbook to Wikis. I have an enormous affection for Wikis, based almost entirely on the success of the Tcl language Wiki <URL: > and the more-than-a-thousand (!) pages of examples and other information there.

andrew cooke - Re: Python Cookbook  blueArrow
5/24/2001; 2:06:55 PM (reads: 955, responses: 0)
Maybe the tcl Wiki will convince me otherwise! It's not one I've ever used; those that I have visited always seem a bit dead. I don't know why I get that impression. Maybe it's that no-one was posting, or just that I didn't get into the habit of checking the right pages (eg recently updated), but I never managed to catch conversations actually happening, just remnants of old arguments.

But then the Python site I listed doesn't feel "dead" even though there's no conversation at all; I think that's because of the more formal structure.

(Ah, and I see the venerable "unmatched braces in comments" feature is mentioned on the front page ;o)

Cameron Laird - Re: Python Cookbook  blueArrow
5/24/2001; 7:38:47 PM (reads: 883, responses: 0)
1. My buddies were Wiki-ing away for about a year before I took the plunge. 2. When I look at <URL: >, I'm overwhelmed by the *changes*. This particular Wiki looks anything but dead to me. However, I know my own conversion was delayed for quite a while, and I'm quite interested to learn how others see Wikis.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Python Cookbook  blueArrow
5/25/2001; 2:30:45 AM (reads: 862, responses: 0)
Seems to me there should be some distinction between cookbooks (sinppets etc) and repositories of reusable code (like CPAN). Not sure this is the case here.

One of my pet subjects is creating an IDE which is automatically linkes to a well organised catalog of reusable components, or does VB have this capability already?!

andrew cooke - Re: Python Cookbook  blueArrow
5/25/2001; 5:54:14 AM (reads: 872, responses: 0)
Here's another one for the bottom of the page...