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started 5/23/2001; 8:47:48 PM - last post 5/23/2001; 11:22:40 PM
Lai - DJGPP  blueArrow
5/23/2001; 8:47:48 PM (reads: 422, responses: 1)
Can anyone help me using the c compiler? When i click for the icon, there will be 2 windows prompt on the screen. One is dos, and the other is a notepad. How could i code my program and how do i see the output of my program?

Ehud Lamm - Re: DJGPP  blueArrow
5/23/2001; 11:22:40 PM (reads: 482, responses: 0)
This weblog is not, repeat not, meant to be technical support line. Our charter is to discuss programming languages in general, rather than provide help on specific programming languages and environments that have dedicated disucssion and help forums.

Firends, please don't encourage such discussions by participating. If you want to help the guy, do it via private email.