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inactiveTopic strange problem
started 5/24/2001; 9:56:19 AM - last post 5/25/2001; 2:25:24 AM
Ehud Lamm - strange problem  blueArrow
5/24/2001; 9:56:19 AM (reads: 278, responses: 2)
I am having some strange problems using the site. I see old versions of pages when I post something. For example when I edit a message, and psot the changes I see the older version and not the new one. Same goes for the home page itself. I tgouht it was a browser of proxy setting problem, but nothing I do seems to solve the problem. Am I the only one experiencing this? (Also, check the expires line on the pages: 1990!)

andrew cooke - Re: strange problem  blueArrow
5/24/2001; 2:10:33 PM (reads: 311, responses: 0)
It works fine for me, but I'm using NN4.7, which is probably too stupid to be confused by anything as sophisticated as expiry dates (are you talking about HTTP header fields? I have no idea how to view those from within a browser to check what they say. Ah. Tell a lie; the page info says "No date given").

PS FWIW K-Meleon (a Win32 Mozilla thing) displays OK, but doesn't support cookies so I can't post from it.

PPS And IE5 (wow - so that's how you enter coloured text!) appears to work too..

Ehud Lamm - Re: strange problem  blueArrow
5/25/2001; 2:25:24 AM (reads: 304, responses: 0)
Thanks for the info. I don't think it is a client problem, though maybe client setting have some influence. It just seems that it takes time for the new pages to become available. It is strange!