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inactiveTopic Why Threads Are A Bad Idea (and E)
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andrew cooke - Why Threads Are A Bad Idea (and E)  blueArrow
5/26/2001; 1:42:32 AM (reads: 847, responses: 0)
Why Threads Are A Bad Idea (and E)
Supporting some form of concurrency is becoming increasingly popular in languages these days - often by providing threads. These slides (1) make the (well-known but worth-repeating) point that thread programming is hard and (2) suggest the solution is roll-your-own time slicing(!).

A discussion on c.l.f mentioned the Equeue (event queue) package for OCaml, which supports this approach and also gave some interesting details about concurrency in E:

[...] each site in a distributed system is called a `vat'. The vats run in parallel and can only communicate via `eventual sends' (this is like a normal function or method call except that they return `promises' that should eventually resolve to values)[...]. Internally, each vat is single-threaded and proceeds by a series of `game moves' (the idea being that each of these moves preserves consistency, so that they can be viewed as micro-transactions). The remarkable thing about E programs is that *they never block*

(Yes, you can still get a form of contention with unresolved promises; that was also discussed in the thread).
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