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inactiveTopic .Net x 2 + Mozart
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andrew cooke - .Net x 2 + Mozart  blueArrow
5/27/2001; 10:15:12 AM (reads: 692, responses: 1)
.Net x 2 + Mozart
Clearing out some odds and ends:

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Ehud Lamm - Re: .Net x 2 + Mozart  blueArrow
5/28/2001; 8:56:25 AM (reads: 725, responses: 0)
Joachim Durchholz posted the following on comp.lang.functional

Here's a quote from the announcement to registered users:

--- snip

Compared to previous versions, Mozart 1.2.0 offers improved usability, reliability, performance, maintainability, and portability, as well as conservative extensions for Oz and Mozart libraries. Notably, this version allows to run applications with much higher memory demands, features an improved distribution subsystem including an advanced network monitoring tool, supports a high-level user interface design tool, and facilitates porting to 64-bit architectures. --- snip