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Conversations on .NET
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A series of conversations with Microsoft engineers, designers, and developers, looking at issues involving C#, ASP.NET, and the Common Language Runtime.

For of insightful comments like The CLI includes the CLS and the CTS

But there's also this:

Q: Anders, after your work on Turbo Pascal, Delphi, Visual J++ and now C#, how do you see programming languages evolving today?

Anders Hejlsberg: Jeeez, had to ask an easy one, eh? I guess I'm becoming less and less of a believer in revolutionary approaches to language design. It really is amazing how much the capabilities of computing have evolved, yet we're basically still using the same kinds of programming languages. It gives me hope that we can go even further with an evolutionary approach where we don't just invalidate all the work that went before.

In another interview on the smae page we find this, which may interest generic programming fans like myself:

Brian Harry: We have had an effort in Microsoft Research for over a year to design and implement generics in the Runtime. The research team has, in fact, already implemented generics in both the Runtime and the C# compiler. The product team has reviewed the design and implementation and is generally happy with the approach. It is similar to the implementation we have for arrays. You'll note that arrays are a form of generic (or parameterized type).

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