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started 6/4/2001; 7:59:39 AM - last post 6/4/2001; 9:39:17 AM
Ehud Lamm - Knock Knock  blueArrow
6/4/2001; 7:59:39 AM (reads: 1180, responses: 1)
Knock Knock
Any body home?!

Feels like I am talking to myself the last couple of days. Please - someone, anyone - contribute!

Especially since I am still having those strange refreshing problems when viewing the site from home, so posting is a very clumsy process for me right now.

Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 6/4/01; 8:00:47 AM

andrew cooke - Re: Knock Knock  blueArrow
6/4/2001; 9:39:17 AM (reads: 819, responses: 0)
Sorry - very busy with gutiar amps (and absolutely no enthusiasm for programming either - maybe i'm ill ;-)