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Ehud Lamm - Hardware Support for Objects/Java  blueArrow
6/5/2001; 1:57:17 PM (reads: 1619, responses: 0)
Hardware Support for Objects/Java
Hardware for supporting objects and other features of Java such as multithreading, dynamic linking and loading is the focus of this workshop. The impact of Java's features on micro-architectural resources and issues in the design of Java-specific architectures are interesting topics that require the immediate attention of the research community. While Java has become an important part of desktop applications, it is now being used widely in high-end server markets, and making forays into low-end embedded computing. Papers focussing on these emerging areas are particularly invited.

This is the site of the third annual workshop, which will take place September 2001. The site links to the previous workshops pages, and their proceedings. These inculde discussions on such things as garbage collection, threading and just-in-time compilation.

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