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started 9/2/2000; 2:59:07 AM - last post 9/6/2000; 1:07:10 PM
Ehud Lamm - C# Features  blueArrow
9/2/2000; 2:59:07 AM (reads: 1311, responses: 8)
C# Features
I agree with the wide spread feeling the C# isn't that sharp, and isn't a great innovation.

Still, I thought I'd list here the things that looked interesting when I browsed the docs, seeing that I finally found the pages I printed out...

  • Versioning
  • Attributes
  • Indexers
  • Events
  • Type system unification

To make this more fun, instead of just saying how you value these features, I invite you to point out from which other (and older) languages these features are taken...
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andrew cooke - Re: C# Features  blueArrow
9/3/2000; 12:28:47 AM (reads: 1358, responses: 4)
Is there any way of adding search to these pages? I've been trying to find the first C# new item...

Also, could you set things so that more than one day's discussion appears at a time? I think this is possible as another Manilla based site - Hack the Planet - I read does so (I can ask how, if that would help).

There were a few other requests while you were away - I remember you replying saying that you thought at least one was impossible; can't remember the rest...


Ehud Lamm - Re: C# Features  blueArrow
9/3/2000; 4:11:25 AM (reads: 1414, responses: 3)
I think I set it so that the main page shows a fixed number of news items, and not just one day. I'll recheck

I think I read all requests, but maybe I missed something. Let me know.

As to seaching. Search is enabled: allows you to search. Alas, I think it fails for discussion group posting. (More reason to become contributing editors, guy!)

I also submitted this site to Altavista and Google, and hopefully they will crawl it.

Ehud Lamm - Re: C# Features  blueArrow
9/3/2000; 4:16:56 AM (reads: 1473, responses: 0)
As a matter of fact, the home page show more than one day - right now! The number of news-items on the home page is restricted to 10. This can easily be raised, if we want. It will, of course, determine the loading time of the page. I think I'll try to increase it to 15 and see how it goes. (The servers seem to be a bit slow sometimes, at least that's my experience).

andrew cooke - Re: C# Features  blueArrow
9/3/2000; 10:01:18 AM (reads: 1489, responses: 1)
It's the number of discussion items, not news items, that I was talking about - the news bit is fine. The comment about C# was connected with search (ie by keyword).

(Also, I submitted the site to search engines a while back - I think one of them (Altavista?) now returns it - was a while ago when I last checked. It's also on the dmoz diectory (I'm one of the authors for that section :-). Sorry, could have told you...).

Ehud Lamm - Re: weblog features (was C#...)  blueArrow
9/3/2000; 11:51:12 AM (reads: 1540, responses: 0)
Oh, now I see. I changed the setting back to 10 new items on the front page, and multi-day listings in the DG. I put a limit of 20 topics in DG page. Seems high enough.

As to

The comment about C# was connected with search (ie by keyword).

I am not sure what you mean by this.

Ehud Lamm - Re: C# Features - REALLY!  blueArrow
9/3/2000; 12:01:16 PM (reads: 1352, responses: 0)
Well, to answer myself in an attempt to start a discussion:

Indexers seem to be no more than Perl tied hashes. Now where did this idea originate? (I don't know!)

By the way: Ada (that's Ada95) allows the programmer to control allocation and deallocation of dynamically created structures, automagically via the storage pool mechanism. The programmer defines Allocate and Deallocate routines, and pointers (ccess types in Ada paralance) tied to the storage pool, automatically use the programmer supplied routines . This can be usefl for things like garbage collection etc. I guess nothing comparable exist for accessing the data, for efficiency reasons. With this addition, we would get all the power of tied vars etc.

Many advances in programming are simply advances in the ways we handle memory.

Chris Rathman - Attributes....  blueArrow
9/4/2000; 8:08:57 AM (reads: 1365, responses: 1)
Here's a couple of my guesses
  • Attributes - Delphi
  • Indexers - Sather
  • Events - J++
  • Type system unification - C

Ehud Lamm - Re: Attributes....  blueArrow
9/6/2000; 1:07:10 PM (reads: 1434, responses: 0)
The "type system unification" example in the doc I hold has this statement: Console.WriteLine(3.ToString());

Now I don't think this can be done in C... Or maybe your statement about C was tongue in cheek? A weakly typed, unsafe language is not the same but is pretty close to a language with one type. Now this is quite close to "type system unification"?

Eiffel has ANY and NONE which seem related to the object type/class in C#.

Am I concluding correctly from your observation about indexers that you think they are related to iterators? I think they are not (see what I worte about them previously), but I haven't studied the language extensively. If they are like iterators, isn't Clu the right reference?