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inactiveTopic Visual Studio .NET vs. IBM WSDE
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Ehud Lamm - Visual Studio .NET vs. IBM WSDE  blueArrow
6/6/2001; 1:03:54 PM (reads: 1133, responses: 0)
Visual Studio .NET vs. IBM WSDE
The IBM XML and Web Services Development Environment (pre-release version) is a development environment that creates open, platform-neutral Web services for deployment across heterogeneous systems. In addition, the IBM Web Services Toolkit 2.2 provides a run-time environment, as well as demos, examples, and additional tools to design and execute Web-service applications to find one another and collaborate in business transactions without programming requirements or human intervention.

In addition, Microsoft® recently released the first beta of its Visual Studio® .NET beta, which allows developers to write, build, and test .NET applications: ASP .NET, the Common Language Runtime, documentation, samples, tools, and command-line compilers

Contains a detailed discussion. I find the discussion of the seperation of web severice interfaces and the web services themselves interesting.

C# and CLR are also discussed.

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