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inactiveTopic XDuce: A Typed XML Processing Language
started 6/7/2001; 4:18:21 PM - last post 6/11/2001; 3:47:29 AM
Chris Rathman - XDuce: A Typed XML Processing Language  blueArrow
6/7/2001; 4:18:21 PM (reads: 1266, responses: 1)
XDuce: A Typed XML Processing Language
XDuce is a functional programming language designed to work as a statically typed XML Processing Language. As I gather, the language is intended to process XML input documents and generate XML documents as output. Similar in purpose to XSLT with the advantage of being a true programming language with static type checking.

I stumbled upon XDuce via a DDJ interview with James Clark - A Triumph of Simplicity which is worth reading in it's own right. Clark discusses why markup languages should strive to be as simple as possible. Of course, the fact that the more complex XMLSchema was adopted as the standard (and not Clark's TREX) makes me wonder whether simplicity has really triumphed in the XML world. Near as I can tell, the standards are becoming more and more complex (XSL, XSchema, XQuery, etc).
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Ehud Lamm - Re: XDuce: A Typed XML Processing Language  blueArrow
6/11/2001; 3:47:29 AM (reads: 684, responses: 0)
Clark: XML is becoming so common, it's not interesting anymore.

My feeling exactly.