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inactiveTopic Couple of Usenet threads
started 6/8/2001; 1:47:12 PM - last post 6/9/2001; 1:12:27 PM
Ehud Lamm - Couple of Usenet threads  blueArrow
6/8/2001; 1:47:12 PM (reads: 753, responses: 2)
Couple of Usenet threads
A couple of interesting usenet threads.
  • Why APL? (on comp.lang.apl) Also compares APL and symbolic math pacakges.
  • Smalltalk vs. Ada (on comp.lang.ada) Also touches on OOP languages in general.

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John Lawter - Re: Couple of Usenet threads  blueArrow
6/8/2001; 2:02:50 PM (reads: 807, responses: 1)
Comparing Smalltalk and I assume that the posters are referring to Ada95, because as I recall from my brief exposure to it, Ada isn't object-oriented.

One of the posters mentions "that Ada is available from a number of sources with different qualities for each implementation" which is interesting. I used the Verdix Ada compiler, and the only other one I had heard of was GNAT, which (I think) was an Ada-to-C translator. The poster goes on to say if you have a hard time finding Ada programmers, you'll have an even harder time finding Smalltalk programmers. If you need long-term future support, etc., Ada is probably in a better position than Smalltalk. which I find difficult to believe. I would imagine the opposite is true. I think this might reflect an "outsider" view of the Smalltalk scene; a person more active with Smalltalk would know where to find people, and vice versa.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Couple of Usenet threads  blueArrow
6/9/2001; 1:12:27 PM (reads: 868, responses: 0)
These days the name Ada refers to the current version of the language - Ada95. If you want to talk about Ada83, you are expected to say so explicitly. Also, GNAT is part of the GCC family, but it is not an Ada-to-C translator.