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Ehud Lamm - XHTML Events  blueArrow
6/11/2001; 11:51:57 AM (reads: 1097, responses: 0)
XHTML Events
(via xmlhack)

From the new XHTML events draft:

This specification defines the XHTML Event Module, a module that provides XHTML host languages [XMOD] with the ability to uniformly integrate behaviors with Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 event interfaces [DOM2].

This specification also defines the XHTML Basic Event Module, a module which subsets the XHTML Event Module for simpler applications and simpler client devices, and the XHTML Event Types Module, a module defining XHTML language event types.

The DOM event model is generic and allows registering event handlers. The DOM defines an event flow architecture. The working draft shows how to specify these things using XHTML.

Be careful however since the working draft explicitly states that 'we expect to change the name of this document from XHTML Events to a more inclusive name at the next iteration.'

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