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inactiveTopic Java as a CS Introductory Language?
started 6/17/2001; 8:07:50 PM - last post 6/17/2001; 8:07:50 PM
Chris Rathman - Java as a CS Introductory Language?  blueArrow
6/17/2001; 8:07:50 PM (reads: 386, responses: 0)
Java as a CS Introductory Language?
As long as I'm posting links to /., I thought I'd pass on this link. Lotsa discussion about whether C/C++ is better than Java, with potshots from various other language advocates (Smalltalk, Python, Ruby, ASM, etc...). Over 900 posts to wade through, with a few intelligent ones scattered here and there.

Having graduated with an Economics degree, I am reminded of the old adage about how if you put three economists in a room, you'll get four different opinions (what with everyone having multiple other hands). Likewise, the question of what language to use in an introductory course produces more than one answer per participant.
Posted to general by Chris Rathman on 6/17/01; 8:10:45 PM