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Ehud Lamm - Alan Cooper Infoworld interview  blueArrow
6/19/2001; 12:54:49 AM (reads: 626, responses: 0)
Alan Cooper Infoworld interview
Some interesting ideas, some related to programming and programmability:

InfoWorld: With the advent of Web services, some people are now starting to talk about end-user programming. Is this ever going to be viable?

Cooper: Programmers have been talking about end-user programming for as long as I've been in the computer industry. And it's never happened. I don't know what makes people think that it's going to happen with the next wave of new software tools. People haven't changed. The only people who like to program are programmers. They will continue to evolve their tools and will continue to program and will do so more creatively and more powerfully and more interestingly. But the people who don't program aren't going to start programming.

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