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inactiveTopic JXTA spec available
started 6/22/2001; 6:18:21 AM - last post 6/22/2001; 1:38:56 PM
Ehud Lamm - JXTA spec available  blueArrow
6/22/2001; 6:18:21 AM (reads: 391, responses: 1)
JXTA spec available
JXTA is a Sun supported initiative for a P2P protocol.
Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 6/22/01; 6:20:11 AM

David Thompson - Re: JXTA spec available  blueArrow
6/22/2001; 1:38:56 PM (reads: 416, responses: 0)
And how is this related to FP When say the release of .NET beta 2 isnt?

(down wiht both Sun and MS)

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