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inactiveTopic The decline of C++?
started 6/22/2001; 3:55:17 PM - last post 6/22/2001; 3:55:17 PM
Chris Rathman - The decline of C++?  blueArrow
6/22/2001; 3:55:17 PM (reads: 318, responses: 0)
The decline of C++?
The title of the article is a tad misleading in that C++ is nowhere near having rigor mortis set in. Mostly concerned with the relative hype between Java and C++.

In my limited experience in a relatively recent job search, I found that the markets for C++ & Java were fairly segregated. Most of C++ jobs I took a look at were in the engineering sector (embedded systems), whereas most of the Java jobs were IT related (mostly in the one off distributed applications).
Posted to general by Chris Rathman on 6/22/01; 3:57:27 PM