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inactiveTopic Java is not type-safe
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Ehud Lamm - Java is not type-safe  blueArrow
6/26/2001; 3:35:33 AM (reads: 1610, responses: 0)
Java is not type-safe

Let A and A' be two different classfiles defining a Java class with the same fully qualified name (FQN) N. In a running Java Virtual Machine (JVM) J, let A be loaded by a class loader L (possibly the "null" loader) producing a Class object C and A' by a class loader L' producing a Class object C'. Let v' be a variable of "type" (we will have more to say later about what is a "type" in Java) N in a class D loaded in L'.

Proposition: Any instance t of C can be stored in v'.

Proposition: J will (attempt to) execute any operation defined in A' on t. J will (attempt to) read/write any field defined in A' as if it existed in t.

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This is not a new paper, but the result is worth looking into. Also, see this.

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