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started 7/2/2001; 7:19:47 AM - last post 7/5/2001; 7:42:35 AM
Ehud Lamm - Stroustrup FAQs  blueArrow
7/2/2001; 7:19:47 AM (reads: 1850, responses: 2)
Stroustrup FAQs
It seems that Stroustrup updated his general FAQ, and it is quite amusing (Q: How long does it take to learn C++? A:It depends on what you mean by 'learning').

Stroustrup's other FAQ is about C++ style and techniques, and contains some useful information for C++ programmers (e.g., constraining genericity).

Posted to OOP by Ehud Lamm on 7/2/01; 7:28:25 AM

David Thompson - Re: Stroustrup FAQs  blueArrow
7/2/2001; 11:09:07 AM (reads: 780, responses: 0)
More Lambdaish is is the new Scheme FAQ!

Ehud Lamm - Re: Stroustrup FAQs  blueArrow
7/5/2001; 7:42:35 AM (reads: 681, responses: 0)
Notice that Stroustrup explains that C++ is a direct descendant of Simula, and thus a sibling of Smalltalk, contrary to some religious beliefs