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inactiveTopic Language Independent Arithmetic (LIA-2)
started 7/4/2001; 5:03:49 PM - last post 7/4/2001; 9:28:40 PM
pixel - Language Independent Arithmetic (LIA-2)  blueArrow
7/4/2001; 5:03:49 PM (reads: 1752, responses: 1)
Language Independent Arithmetic (LIA-2)
I don't know if this is well known document, I just heard about it on mercury mailing list about wether 0^0 should return 1 (at least for float,int -> float)

This document can solve things like choosing wether 13 / -4 should return -3 (C) or -4 (python, ruby...) (ruby's behaviour evolved on this)

Alas I can't find an html version available...
Posted to implementation by pixel on 7/4/01; 5:04:43 PM

Chris Rathman - Re: Language Independent Arithmetic (LIA-2)  blueArrow
7/4/2001; 9:28:40 PM (reads: 648, responses: 0)
It has been a while since I've looked at FPU's, but I'm wondering what effect the target hardware has on the language behavior? Whenever your dealing with heavy math, sometimes it's best just to use whatever arithmetic is provided by the floating point processor.