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Miguel de Icaza on .NET
(see Scripting News, HtP)

What I find most important here is, of course, the discussion of language neutral components:

"In .NET, Microsoft has created the common language runtime (CLR), which is a way for languages to generate code that interoperates easily," said de Icaza. "You can have Visual Basic running in the same environment as C#, Fortan, Pascal, or whatever. You could create a class in C++ and pass it over to a C# object and then have it instantiated as a Visual Basic object. It's a programmer's dream come true."

The real benefit is greater code reuse. "Code reuse is a big problem in the Unix environment," added de Icaza. He details this argument in his well-known article: "Let's Not Make Unix Suck."

I agree that Microsoft is helping push components into the mainstream. They started doing so with VB and OLE, a few years ago.

I am very much in favour of component technology. I also think we still have a lot of details to think aobut. Some of these I tried to expose in my paper on component reuse, which can be read online if you have Springer-Verlag acocunt.

Notice that part of the interoperability comes from pushing informatin from the source language into the VM (or CLR for .NET). This is a mixed blessing.

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I guess this can be seen as a condensed version of the same ideas.