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started 7/21/2001; 7:47:52 PM - last post 7/23/2001; 12:44:09 PM
Chris Rathman - ML Functors  blueArrow
7/21/2001; 7:47:52 PM (reads: 634, responses: 3)
ML Functors
Just before I started an intense project last week, I was asking for an explanation of the power of ML Functors. I've been too busy doing RDBMS stuff of late to get any further along with ML, but the response from NeelK is worth reading for those interested in the subject.
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Ehud Lamm - Re: ML Functors  blueArrow
7/22/2001; 8:10:17 AM (reads: 629, responses: 0)
I am not having much luck accessing the website. It seems the problem isn't at my end.

Chris Rathman - Re: ML Functors  blueArrow
7/22/2001; 8:52:50 PM (reads: 607, responses: 0)
Guess I should've waited a day before posting. I forgot they were installing a new DSL line to the server this weekend. Should be better now. Let me know if it's still n/a.

Ehud Lamm - Re: ML Functors  blueArrow
7/23/2001; 12:44:09 PM (reads: 619, responses: 0)
Looks like a nice explanation. Anyone really interested in this should read one of the longer ML texts we linked to in the past. I seem to recall the Harper text having a good discussion (note the updated link to Harper's text at the end of the our discussion of ML introductions).