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inactiveTopic OOPSLA 2001
started 7/25/2001; 1:50:12 PM - last post 7/26/2001; 9:11:47 AM
Ehud Lamm - OOPSLA 2001  blueArrow
7/25/2001; 1:50:12 PM (reads: 1728, responses: 1)
The 2001 advance program is now online.

Many of the language papers look interesting. In fact since I am thinking about DbC these days, the title of the Findler/Felleisen paper really got my attention...

I love application frameworks (wrote a paper on FW in Ada a couple of years ago), so I'd also wait to read the paper on Modular Mixin-Based Inheritance for Application Frameworks

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John Lawter - Re: OOPSLA 2001  blueArrow
7/26/2001; 9:11:47 AM (reads: 653, responses: 0)
Thanks for the pointer.

The "Anarchy vs. Monarchy" panel looks pretty good. Also, the Java Syntactic Extender paper looks really cool: macros in Java !

It may be very worthwhile to attend this year...